Setting up the 3020 router (finally!)

I believe I have all the minimum parts required in order to get the router working, including a serial card, collets and a few router bits.


This weekends mission is simple, get the damn thing working…

Objectives this weekend:

  1. Setup Router Hardware
  2. Setup CNC control software (mach 3)
  3. Generate a simple CAD file using CATIA and generate a toolpath.

Subsequent tasks will include purchasing 6.35mm router bits, and finishing the design for the vacuum table.

Shopping list for this weekend:

  1. Router Bits
  2. Another pelican case (maybe)
  3. MDF cut to 440mm x 240mm squares

Further thought required – What software combination to use:

  2. CAD : SW, CAM : SW
  3. CAD : Autodesk Fusion, CAM: Autodesk Fusion.
  4. CAD : SW / CATIA, CAM : Autodesk Fusion.

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