Acknowledgment of SpaceAgeWizard

I wanted to make mention of a fantastic project, the kind that made me want to get more involved in the community.

He had the vision to execute despite the design problems he encountered. He took the hard first steps to which I will seek to add two or three more.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to address (mainly for my own benefit) why I didn’t take an existing console (Wii U, PSP or PSVita) and try and find firmware hacks / jailbreaks to install emulators without massive hardware modifications. Several reasons:

  1. I identified that the button configuration of the Wii U Game pad was the most flexible and covered the most consoles. For example, the PSVita in its current form does not have dual shoulder pads for the PS1, nor would you be able to effectively emulate a N64 controller triggers and shoulder buttons.
  2. As far as I could tell the Wii U gampad has neither the processing power nor the community behind it to support emulation. I could only find people who have hacked the Wii U and then stream to the gamepad.
  3. The jail breaking option is heavily software focused, as I mentioned earlier, software is not my strong suite and I would therefore be relying on others to release specific edits. I am relying on others from the Raspberry Pi community but I think the platform is more flexible and frankly I think it will last longer than any individual platforms jail breaking solution.

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