EAGLE Experimentation

I was searching for connectors last night and identified that the bulk of the power connectors on the Wii U Gamepad are various series of JST connectors (Japan Solderless Terminal). I have already identified that the speaker terminals are both 2 pin JST ZH series, however I was having difficult finding an eagle library.

During my experimentation I have created what I believe is an early draft of what the final mod board will look like…


Key details to note are the board looks as though it will have a small enough form factor to be a Pi shield. The row of pads seeks to flat mount a Teensy LC to the board via a method called castellation. I found some discussion regarding castellation of the Teensy LC here.

Alternatively I will use some headers as shown below, however this will add to the total height.

Things to check in the final draft include:

  • Will the Teensy LC fit on the Pi side or will it have to go on the outside. [YES! The underside looks pretty flat to me]


  • Find an accurate representation of the speaker terminals and the joystick terminals. [Found, M02-JST-2MM-SMT item found in SparkFun Eagle Library]
  • Are the terminals on the right side when the Pi is mounted (which way will the Pi be mounted?)
  • Are the wires far enough apart?
  • Will they be able to handle the required power?
  • Will the Teensy sit flat / can it be castellised.

I will have to answer these questions prior to manufacturing this board, however I believe this will be key to fitting everything inside the case as is.

Meanwhile I have ordered my prototyping gear so I can get started on the prototype build.



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