Case Received

Recently received the ebay OEM case and was dissapointed to find out that it did not come with screws, nore did it come with the trigger / bumper buttons. It appears to be a used case with all the internals removed. I was under the impression that this was going to be basically everything except the screen and MOBO however I was wrong. I probably could have identified this although the listing does say “All Buttons”. Seems this doesnt include triggers or bumpers. Lesson learned…

I recently printed out paper mock up of the Raspberry Pi, Driver board and screen and did a bit of hands on verification work.

It identified the following facts:

  • The screen probably will fit within the current frame (maybe with some minor plastic modifications.
  • The screen, driverboard and Raspberry Pi will only fit within the case if the battery compartment is removed.

I also did a bit of experimenting with EAGLE and have identified the components I will need to interface with the current ribbon cables.

Created with The GIMP

Next, I will be removing the battery bay using a Dremel Tool, and taking stock of exactly how much room I will have available.



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