Space Appreciation

By loading dimensioned 2d images into a drawing product, I have identified that the current configuration is feasible under a few conditions:

  1. The battery compartment is removed or cut away to allow for all the internal components and flat mounted batteries.
  2. The 7″ monitor may fit within the container and the added thickness allows for the fitment of remaining components.
  3. USB ports and IO posts are removed from the RP3.

Pii U

You will notice that in this configuration there is room for two 2500mAH LiPO Batteries.


Of particular concern is the protruding battery compartment.

An excellent tear down of the Wii U Gamepad was conducted by and provided valuable insights into the build plan.

I did detailed research online and couldn’t find any detailed dimensioned drawings for the Wii U gamepad. I will have to purchase the case in order to take accurate internal measurements and verify / modify the internal configuration prior to detailed design.


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