Core System

Software Requirements

To start with, I will examine software requirements for the project. I will be the first to acknowledge that software is not my strong suit, and I want to leverage known RP distributions with large communities first and foremost.

Without much analysis, RetroPi seems to meet my needs pretty closely and I will use this as the base operating system for the Raspberry Pi.


Hardware Requirements

I have not gone into the setup in much detail, however will check this during the bread boarding / prototyping phase. I am more interested in Pi processing requirements to ensure all of this craziness will fit within the relatively constrained Wii U game pad.

Using N64 / PSX as the benchmark for performance as Gen5 consoles, I found that it was generally accepted that the Raspberry Pi Zero is insufficient for that application. Based on article I am probably looking at a Raspberry Pi 3, maybe even a Pi2.

For now I will design backwards from a Raspberry Pi 3, my main fear is space…



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